Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cousin get together

Every year Mike's family gets together some time around Christmas on a day that all the cousins can come. this year we were missing two due to them living in other states. It is always a lot of fun and loud with some drinking going on.

Paul and Mike
Lauren and Paul

Aunt Laura, Unlce Mark, Morgan, Mike and Kathleen

Cousin gift card exchange

Great Uncle Paul and Charlotte

The parents gift exchange

Mike and Ian playing games on the iphones

again missed getting a group photo

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas Day was spent at Mike's parent's house. It was a fun filled day spent with his brothers and their significant others. also Mike's parents Mike and Mary. We had breakfast and then we open gifts. The rest of the day we relaxed til it was time to make dinner. we had a wonderful prime rib with chessy potatos and some other wonderful side dishes.

Mike playing with my new toy the iphone. it was my christmas birthday gift:)
Getting Charlie to smile

The tree I helped decorate

Side one of the stockings

Side two

Mike and Mary

Dominic and Amanda

My little family:)

Paul enjoying his time with his niece

Showing off the cute outfit

The closest we got to a group picture. forgot yet again
Left to right: Paul, Erin, Me, Charlotte, Mike and Amanda

Christmas Time!!!

It was a very busy holiday. We spent Christmas Eve with my family which I need to get pictures from my mom so I can do a post, then Christmas day and the day after was spent with Mike's family. Christmas day was with his parents and brothers and the day after was with all of the aunts, uncles and cousins. It was so nice seeing everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here is a little update of some things that have been going on.

Vincent reading to baby Charlotte

Seeing how much Charlie wieghs, Didn't think it was going to be over 10 pounds

Sure enough she was 10.03 pounds and a couple days ago i wieghed her and she was 10.10 pounds with the same amount of clothes on. She is getting big

Chillin in the basket while waiting to she how big she has gotten

She is now a smiling baby. so happy. I love it when she smiles, just warms my heart

Snuggling with her burp cloth
Still trying to figure out how to post a video

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Apple Hill

On Sunday November 28th, my family and I went up to Apple Hill to get our Christmas Tree. We have gone every year since before I was born. I think we have only missed one year due to a couple of us being too sick to go. The past fours years we have been going to Hidden Canyon tree Farm to get the family Christmas tree.

Waiting for everyone to begin the hunt for the perfect tree.

We found it pretty fast. This is the first time the kids, Vesta, Theresa and I were not in the picture holding the tree. We were kind of sad but since we do not live at home enough we haven't in a while they said it could only be them in the picture.

Family Picture.

Look at me, I am superman

Charlotte's first picture with Santa

The fish ond at High Hill Ranch. the best apple donuts and carmel apples

Holding Vincent and Charlotte

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Thankgiving morning we headed off to my parents house. We couldn't wait to get there to check out the ads for black friday. Mike and I fought over them and Mike ended up getting to look at them becasue the little girl needed to eat. Shortly after looking through the ads my sisters finally showed up along with Grandma Sengo. Grandpa Higgins and Sharon also came over for a bit. We had a great day together. we took some family pictures outside with the turkey and great fall leaves.

Great Grandparents with the great-granddaughter

We always have to get our silly picture in there

The two grandkids.
Can't believe 3 years ago Vincent wore the outfit Charlie is wearing

dad and Mike checking on the Turkey. BBQ turgkey is the only way to go

Vic and Vesta grillin' the veggies

Carving the turkey. We had 3 turkeys this year and my sisters, mom and I still fought over the skin.

All of us getting ready to eat, the turkey even joined in the picture

Grandma, Vic and Mike passed out after a wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve :)

On Wednesday November 24th we had Thanksgiving over at Mike's parents house. Only took a few pictures and then forgot to take more as the afternoon went on.

Our little family

Erin and Paul

(Brother-in-law and girlfriend)

Charlotte in her Turkey outfit

Amanda and Dominic

(Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law)